Property Measurement

We assist in getting the property measured by a certified govt. approved surveyor.

Home Loan

We help in precuring the best rates for a home loan through Banks and NBFCs.

Comparative Analysis

We can handle every element of a client’s purchase or sale, from overseeing the sale from the beginning, providing valuable data of the purchase or sale price from the last sale taken place in the building or area.

Stamp Duty & Registration

We assist in stamp duty evaluation and help in the registration process of the property and ensure that the best agent is used for the registration so valuable time is saved and the cost is minimised.

Legal Assistance

We also help in assisting the client to search for the best possible lawyer /solicitor / advocate or chartered accountant depending on the nature of the property and therefore help in cutting costs wherever possible.

Utility Assistance

We assist our customers in changing of name for documentations like Property tax, Electricity Bill, Pipe & Gas Meter.


We remain available for our clients during the entire process of the transaction to ensure a smooth journey from start to finish.


We assist NRIs as well as PIOs living abroad to buy, sell or rent their property. We are aware that NRIs are finding investing in property as the new lucrative way of channelizing their investment, which otherwise would lie dormant in their bank accounts yielding almost zero benefits. However, it is not possible for them to be physically present for buying / selling / renting properties, since property buying / selling / renting is a very tedious task, which needs a lot of careful and meticulous paperwork. This means the process involves many intermediaries, agreements as well as a lot of money. To ensure that the investment goes as planned without any glitches, it is important for the NRIs and PIOs to search for experienced and authorised real estate advisors that would provide them with zero defect and zero hassle property investment options.